Booking A Flawless Holiday Without Blowing Your Budget

Booking a romantic holiday seems like a wonderful idea, picturing yourself on the beach while sipping on a pina colada with the sun warming your legs. Imaging your partner smiling back and you and giving you that look that says, well done on booking the perfect holiday! Doesn’t that sound lovely? Now before you get ahead of yourself lets rewind a little and remember that there are a few things that need to happen before you start to score those brownie points. Things like picking a location, booking flights, airport transfers, packing, travel insurance, hotel deals and everything between. Sounds overwhelming doesn’t it? Before you give up and start planning a movie marathon instead, read on for a step-by-step guide on how to simply book the holiday of your dreams. 

First thing first, decide on whether you want a winter holiday full of snow and hot chocolate or a summer holiday filled with sunshine and beach volleyball. Once that is sorted pick a location you have both been thinking about and start hunting for the perfect holiday. Check out deals and sales for accommodation or even packages available and work out what gives you more value for your money. This may sound very time consuming and like an absolute bore but wouldn’t you rather spend that extra money at the swim up bar? Go right here to find out the perfect destination for your holiday.

Depending on where you are going, once you have found the best accommodation, it is time to think of how you are getting there. If you are flying it is time to start comparing airlines and if you have not got a locked in date then playing around with the dates to see what is cheapest is a great way to save some extra money. You can also call airlines to see if they will price match to make sure you are getting the cheapest flight available. The same can be done for a cruise, which is another great way to get to your destination and an even better way to avoid flying if you’re not big on planes. If you are more of a road tripper then why not leave the old car at home and hire a luxury car for the weekend? It makes a drive even more exciting and changes things up without having to fly to another country.

Once you have planned the main things it is time to start getting into the finer details. This will obviously vary depending on where you are going. For example if you are flying overseas you will need to organise your passport, travel insurance and find out if there are any shots you need to be allowed into the country. If you are hiring a car or caravan, you will need to work out what vehicle will work for you and make sure you get it insured. Plan your spending money and then reap the rewards of your hard work.