Money Management Ideas Before Hitting The Wedding Circle


Every couple wants to have a great and fun-filled post-marriage party, but without breaking the bank is important too. Hence a proper planning is needed.

One of the most important investments which a couple will need to look at and prepare well about is the reception. One needs to make necessary preparations and ensure everything goes right.

When you have to plan wedding receptions Yarra Valley you must make sure that you do not end up spending all your finances and start the preparations carefully. It’s always better to avoid the unnecessary expenses and look into matters which cannot be done without.

Let us go through a few necessary points which will help you to systematically plan out your post wedding party arrangements without making a hole in your pocket.

• Look for a cost-effective venue

One point which you need to decide carefully and cannot do without is to lookout for your reception venue. Do look around several places; there are so many rustic marriage and wedding receptions venues with a picturesque setting where you can arrange for your post-wedding reception party. The best part is many of them are extremely affordable locations. They come with big ball rooms, restaurant, rooms you name it and they have it all. If need be, why not opt for some public venue at an outdoor setting. In case you have a huge family and friends’ list to invite, look out for a big yard or space to hold your wedding party. There are even so many churches around that have big rooms and halls too. But make sure that you do not opt for a lot of glitz and glamour and yet find an interesting place where you do not have to end up sending half of your hard earned money.

• Food

Everyone around does know that one of the biggest elements for a successful marriage is good food! There are so many wedding caterers available and the best part is they have affordable rates. Select one as per your budget (of course) and depending on the kind of food you want. Many a times the price of a plate can end up rising higher than having dinner in a plush restaurant. This is why you can ask and refer family and friends of they can provide you names of good cooks who can do the cooking for your wedding party. There is no doubt that caterers do come up with delectable and mouth watering delicacies and dishes, yet you will also need to keep in mind the cost of per plate, right? If you are on a tight budget, opting for a cook will work wonderfully.