Moving To The Big City: Temporary Accommodation Choices

The first thing you need in any new city is a place to stay. However, finding an ideal place to stay can take a while, especially in big cities where apartments are rare and apartment-seekers are many. So where can you stay while you are looking for a place? Here are some suggestions:

Crash on a Couch

The haven of all apartment-seekers, crashing on a friend’s couch is the answer to your problem of finding an apartment. If you know people from where you are moving to, ask them if you can stay with them for a while till you find your own place; they will most probably say yes, given that they would have already gone through the same experience. If you don’t know anyone, look up ‘couch sharing’ on the internet. This is a recent phenomenon designed to facilitate backpackers and other travellers who can’t or won’t afford even a capsule hotel. There are apartments and houses that offer the use of a couch and bathroom for a limited amount of time.

Holiday Accommodation

Business people do this all the time when they have been relocated by their companies and are yet to find a place; they immediately go for serviced apartments, inns or guesthouses which are technically for holidaymakers, but will also accommodate a temporary guest looking for an apartment.

Inns are designed for long term stays anyway so it will be convenient for you, but serviced apartments and guesthouses usually draw the line at a month, unless you pay up front. There are all kinds of other holiday accommodation too, like house swapping, motels, apartment shares or B&Bs. Whichever you decide on remember that they will provide few amenities and will appreciate you leaving as soon as you can find a place of your own.

A Cheap Hotel

Hotels are the last port of call for anyone coming in to a new city because of their costs. However they are also the most convenient, as linen and laundry can be handled in-house and meals are sometimes included. If you have cash to blow or are on an expense account, a hotel will be the easiest place to stay while you become acclimatized to the city and find a more permanent place to stay. If the more high-end hotels are too expensive for you, try a cheaper hostelry. They might compromise on some amenities like meals, but the trade will be worth it for paying rent at your new place. Just make sure that the hotel you choose is not in a bad area of the town as you will need to constantly move to and from it to work.