The Travel And Tourism Industry

The travel and tourism industry is one of the most flourishing industries in the modern world. The world is starting to become a smaller place with people moving from one country to another in a heartbeat. The percentages of people travelling all over the world is extremely high. This phenomenon can affect a country in a negative and a positive ways both. The improvement in the travel and tourism industry takes place mainly when the risks and inconveniences of going to another country are being removed. Nobody would set their foot in countries with war zones. Travel and tourism is more popular in countries where the safety of the tourists are hundred percent guaranteed.

Opportunities can change the economy
Travel and tourism Christchurch golf clubs could open up a large number of employment opportunities. There is a need of building more hotels and resorts or any other places of accommodation for the purpose of the tourist who keep flowing into the country.

Also workers should be hired in these places of accommodation Canterbury to fulfill the needs of the guests. There are a lot of job opportunities created due to the travel and tourism industry. Even those who guide the tourists through the country are well paid for his services. This industry is also responsible for bringing in foreign exchange and investments to the country. It is safe to say that it is an industry which uplifts the economy of a country.

Challenges are faced by both parties
The natives might have problems communicating with tourists and this could lead to clashes between people. This could be a grave problem from the tourist’s part as well. More than the natives, the tourists may feel uncomfortable if they have issues communicating because they are trying to spend time in a land that they are not accustomed to. Some people might have problems associated with legal documents and visa which could cause serious problems if not dealt with immediately.

Harmful outcomes
Travel and tourism brings in large sums of money to the country but it also has negative aspects to it. Harmful drugs and narcotics are often taken from country to country by people who impersonate tourists. Majority of the time they manage to take drugs into other countries without being detected at airports. Drug trafficking is one issue that people are struggling to eradicate. Also there have been cases reported about child abuse and other forms of sexual harassments done by foreigners. Another harmful outcome of this industry is the damage caused to the environment because of the need to construct more hotels.